Indian Chief Motorcycle

23 Nov 2021

The first Indian Chief was built back in 1921 and the classic model has been turning heads ever since. Its powerfully sleek design blends modern technology with a classic compact stance and a solid 64-inch wheelbase. It remains a favorite amongst true motorcycle aficionados thanks to these timeless qualities.

Aston Martin AMB-001

14 Oct 2021

Bearing the name Aston Martin, you know you will get something special, and this limited edition bike matches up to all expectations. Capable of speeds up to 186mph, the AMB-001 marries aeronautic design methods with Aston Martin's iconic styling for a truly jaw-dropping motorbike, both in looks and performance.

Kawasaki Ninja H2

6 Sep 2021

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 combines excellent build quality, incredible acceleration and supreme handling all in a frame that will turn heads anywhere. Top speed maxes out at over 200mph, thanks to a 998 cc four-valve, supercharged engine, and it is actually the first production motorcycle with this functionality.