Good Turn Trike


*Please note: We are not taking applications at this time for the Good Turn Trike.

The “Good Turn Trike” idea originated in 1998 when a woman named RoseMarie contacted Lehman about her husband, Bob, and his love of motorcycles. Bob’s leg amputation and deteriorating health made it impossible for Bob to do the one thing that he truly loved, riding. Numerous medical bills kept the couple from being able to convert Bob's Sportster to a trike, so Lehman Trikes decided to take action. Out of genuine kindness, John Lehman and partner, Larry Strilchuk decided to install a conversion kit on Bob’s bike including needed special equipment at no charge. Bob was able to ride up until his death later that year.

Since that first “Good Turn Trike,” Lehman Trikes has donated a number of conversions to individuals, on a case by case basis. Simply stated, Lehman permanently added the “Good Turn Trike” program to their long list of other firsts.

We are pleased to announce the 2011 recipient of the Good Turn Trike award is Steven Iler of Southport, Florida!
Lehman Trikes, Victory Motorcycles, and the Legendary Buffalo Chip, are proud to announce this year’s Good Turn Trike recipient, Steven Iler of Southport, Florida! Steven was chosen among hundreds of applications for his patriotic involvement, philanthropic nature, and need for a trike after injuries sustained while serving in Iraq.

Steven was as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army when he was struck in the left leg with an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). After his release from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, a neighbor, a Vietnam veteran, encouraged him to get his motorcycle endorsement and join the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. Steven got his endorsement and found a new life in motorcycle riding with his “brothers”. Since then, Steven has joined many Veteran groups and is very active in his community honoring veterans and active duty soldiers, teaching children what it means to be an American, and bringing his dogs to the local Veteran’s Nursing Home for resident therapy.

Steven was presented the Good Turn Trike, a custom-painted, patriotic themed 2011 CrossBow powered by the Victory Vision, which was generously donated by Victory Motorcycles. The presentation took place on August 11th during the Freedom Celebration at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. Steven and his wife, Tammy, also received deluxe accommodations compliments of the Fairfield Inn in Spearfish, SD and V.I.P. treatment at the Legendary Buffalo Chip.

Steven & Tammy Iler pose with their new trike at the Legendary Buffalo Chip's Field of Flags.


The 2010 recipient of the Good Turn Trike award was Charles Lyons of Castle Rock, Colorado!
On Saturday, September 4th, amidst a crowd of thousands of cheering bikers, Lehman Trikes proudly presented the 2010 Good Turn Trike during the Thunder in the Rockies Bike Fest held in Loveland, Colorado. The very deserving recipient was Charles Lyons of Castle Rock, Colorado. Charles, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, attained his motorcycle endorsement and purchased a motorcycle over a year ago to accomplish three goals: to start a motorcycle club called "Enabled" for disabled people; to inspire those that have disabilities to accomplish anything they want, if they want it badly enough: and finally, to ride alongside his Dad. As hard as he has tried, balance and safety became a big issue and Charles was not been able to accomplish these new goals.


"My dream was slowly dying and the most wonderful people came to help me rescue that dream. A man, woman, or child without a dream in life is a tragic thing," stated Charles while proudly wearing his "Enabled" t-shirt, "I not only achieved my dream but made the most wonderful friends a man could ever ask for. This trike will not only be used to fulfill my dreams but help others to realize theirs. I hope that this kind act that Lehman Trikes has done inspires people to get out there and help those in need."

Lehman Trikes chose Charles among many applicants because of his determination and optimistic attitude that have helped him to far exceed milestones in life that he was not supposed to accomplish. "This is the highlight of our year," said Ken Hines, President & CEO for Lehman, "Charles is truly an inspiration to everyone, and we are thrilled to help provide a stepping stone to help him achieve his goals."

Charles on his 2002 Harley-Davidson Firefighter Edition Road King

Charles with his new trike!

Group photo before the presentation.

Charles proudly wears his "Enabled" t-shirt as he accepts his trike.


The 2009 recipient of the Good Turn Trike award was Chad Pierson of Hubbard, Iowa!
A large crowd of bikers showed up in the rain and took over Main Street in the rural community of Hubbard, Iowa, on August 15, 2009, to show their support for the 2009 Good Turn Trike recipient, Chad Pierson. Lehman Trikes along with Timm's Trikes of St. Charles, MN, happily presented Chad with his newly converted 2004 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide trike. Chad, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago, was nominated by family and friends because balance was becoming an issue while riding on two wheels.

Chad was chosen out of many applicants because of his constant positive and philanthropic nature, despite the circumstances he lives with. He has played a large and important role with his riding group, "The Lost Cause" and has been one of the most instrumental people of the group, constantly pushing them to do as much charity work as possible.

Chad accepted the trike by with an emotional "thank you" to everyone who showed up to celebrate the day. He stated, "I would just like to thank everyone who helped make this happen..this is freedom."

Chad and wife Kristen listen to a speech given in honor of him.

Chad gives a heartfelt acceptance speech while surrounded by friends and family.

Chad receives his new trike conversion on his 2004 Harley Electra Glide.

Ready to roll!