In house research & development ensures industry leading products.Lehman Trikes has established a team of the most experienced and dedicated Trike professionals over the last 20 years. These are the people responsible for the development and manufacturing of our industry leading products.

Our Trikes are designed to utilize factory components from the original motorcycle. We incorporate OEM suspension, finaldrive, lights, seating and exhaust wherever possible. This makes maintenance, service and accessory installation simple and convenient.

All Lehman original body designs are crafted to complement and enhance the style of the original motorcycle. We utilize the most current production methods, like vacuum resin transfer molding (RTM) and urethane plastic injection molding. Fiberglass technology has advanced significantly since the old days of chop guns and hand-lay open molds.

All of our paint and preparation takes place in a downdraft, climate-controlled environment. Primer and topcoat finishes are baked to ensure consistency and durability. We specialize in color matching the most beautiful factory finishes available in the motorcycle industry.

A Passion for Precision

Lehman Trike conversion kits are engineered and manufactured to provide superior handling, performance, and reliability. This commitment to original thinking and leading edge design has resulted in such developments as the famous Lehman "No Lean" suspension, which offers exceptional high-speed handling and confidence inspiring maneuverability. Lehman Trikes also offer the most effective Trike braking systems that have been tested to date.

The Ride of Your Life

Lehman Trikes offer an exceptionally stable ride and nimble handling characteristics, ideal for touring at highway speeds. You will enjoy unmatched versatility and convenience. Add to that, supreme comfort and the exhilaration of the open road and you have a genuine Lehman Trike.

Lehman Trikes – Leader of the Three World