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Renegade - Mechanical Reverse

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This mechanical reverse can’t be beat! Precision-engineered with aerospace materials, the mechanical reverse for the Renegade for Harley-Davidson is clutch-operated and uses a low gear ratio to provide a reliable way to ease you back.
FLH 5 speed EVO 1984-1999 and 1999-2006 Twin Cam, Part# S001996, MSRP $1,395
FLH 6 speed 2007-2008; FLS 2007-Current, Part #S001997, MSRP $1,395
FLH 6 speed, 2009-Current, Part #S001998, MSRP $1,395
FLH 6 SPEED for 2007-2008; FLS 2007-Current, hydraulic clutch Part# S002248, MSRP $1,480
FLH 6 speed 2009-Current, Hydraulic Clutch, Part#S002247, MSRP $1,480