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Renegade LLS - Hawg EFX Running Boards 2009-2013

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Form meets function with Lehman Trikes ever-popular Hawg EFX running boards for your Renegade LLS for Harley-Davidson! These stylish running boards are constructed in Lehman’s state-of-the-art fiberglass facility and are made of a durable composite that securely fastens to the sides of the trike providing increased protection from the elements and. They provide a larger variety of rider foot positions and serve as an extra weight-bearing step for passengers as well. Hawg EFX can be exact color-match painted in-house or can be sent to your authorized Lehman Trikes dealer for installation.

Renegade LLS FLH/FLT, 2002-2013 (Unpainted), Part #LCK5200, MSRP $968
(Painted), Part#LCK5200-CUSTOM, MSRP $1298